Carefree Spirit!

     My Dad sat on these horses when he was nineteen.  He didn’t need a permit!   At his funeral that picture was available for those in attendance.  He was a carefree spirit that had a wonderful work ethic while he wrote his own rules. He started a successful business by repairing old equipment thrown in the trash by his employer.  He used duct tape for the repairs and got a lot of jokes the rest of his life!!  In fact, at the funeral duct tape was one of the things talked about.  My Dad was brilliant, good, and taught us that God was a friend. He was one of those people who was truly interested in what a person had to say.  He gave recovering heroin addicts a job, and talked with them at his kitchen table as if  they were a prince and princess.  Even though he was good-hearted, he didn’t put up with abuse. We heard the tales and felt for the victims that had to buy a new tire or two.  When he was younger he and his brother Gene jumped the trains for a free rail ride. He told his elementary teacher that she wasn’t telling the truth about just eating bread and drinking water to lose weight because it was obvious to him that she had not been successful.  She chased him around the room and he jumped out of a window and ran home.  His mother said not to worry about it because they were moving anyway!!   He had fun in life, and lived with his first true and only love until leukemia took him home. Yes, he laughed and talked with the patients around him while the IV was hooked up to his strong forearms. It seemed impossible that it was true.  But he lived well, loved well, and laughed very well while we shined a little brighter for having been under the shade of that wonderful oak tree…my Dad!            Thinking about a good memory with a smile, Terri



6 thoughts on “Carefree Spirit!

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  2. Yes he was such a good person. He made life seem like everything would always be alright!! Thanks for the comment!! I will have to keep working on being as good as he was….though…working on it. :)

  3. Oh this is such a lovely memoir. Loved the fact that your Dad told the teacher she was wrong and then jumped out of the window…naughty little kid he was, i love these mischiveous angels, brighten up our days :)
    Terri you father lived such a wonderful life, people like him never ever go away, they are always near their loved ones, in the cool breeze that caresses them , in the warm hugs in winters, in the small and big things that makes them smile or laugh.
    What an amazing person you father was..Loved reading about him
    Hugs :)


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