Morning on Purple

      I am trying to make it to my posts daily, but it is more time-consuming than I imagined.  Still it is an important exercise for the sake of sharpening writing skills, and also an exercise for the soul forcing it to look past the present difficulties to the present small common joys.   Joys like these “Morning Glory” flowers that are truly glorious in the morning light always inspire.   They only open to meet the new light of the day, and in mass shine no less greater than a “purple mountain majesty.”  They seem to say, “Life is still beautiful, and we are still here blooming.”   I agree.  When I saw these flowers this morning, I had to stop and photograph the beauty of morning on purple. Today I will find something else worthy of notice, and thankfulness.  I am glad it has cooled a little here in Texas, but sadly many have lost their homes to fire.  We did receive a long steady rain for a day which was so needed, and our fellow Texans will get through this hardship and life will cycle into something better.          looking for the even the tiniest of goodness,  Terri O.A.



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