This morning I saw an incredible sight. Usually I can only hear these little devils at night. They love to steal the pet food. It was a gorgeous male fox! He crossed the road in front of my vehicle nonchalantly.  He knew the sound of the car, and he just looked at me and walked down the road not worried about a thing. Finally he cut into the woods, and I was caught without my camera. 

       The poor neighbors were on the edge of the woods at one or so in the morning last summer lit up like a big fire fly with their cell calling the sheriff and reporting that someone was getting hurt or possibly murdered in the woods.  Wondering why the fox were calling so long, I thought a baby fox might have been hit in the road, I was there and reassured him that it really was just a fox family calling their young. The sound of their call  is very unsettling; horrible in fact.  Finally I convinced he and his wife that it was ok.  It wasn’t long before they moved from this relaxing country life.