3:30 A.M.

   At 3:30 A.M,  I couldn’t sleep.  I guess with my brain halfway engaged with sleepiness and all that I begin to think about fishing, and sitting in a boat on a small lake. It would have been nice to go there for a little bit for real. A sleeping aid isn’t  for me so my brain had to make up for my stubbornness and created a nice view of a glassy lake. Well, then I started thinking about who I would want in that boat. It was small.

   Of all the people who I have met in my life, I guess I liked most of them.  But it always gets down to that few that are most important. The ones you don’t have to talk much with  in order to be understood, and the ones that laugh at what you are sure would not be funny to anyone else.  And that comradeship of silence that talks for you, no need to speak really at all.  Silence can be loud, and glorious.  Communication without a word.

   It has been a while since I’ve been fishing. Maybe that is why I went back so far to a pier, a lake, a minnow on a hook, and a long strong tug on the pole that popped up with…..(I thought the hard struggle meant that something grand was on the other end), everyone on the pier ran over to see, and…….it was trash from the lake.

  Yep, life gets you like that too.  The minnow doesn’t always get the scale bender. But it is supposed to be that way I think. Trying over and over forces you to be better.  Starting over after the minnow lets you down  is a good life philosophy, but you knew that all ready!  You’ve been fishing!


6 thoughts on “3:30 A.M.

  1. raburcke, take the day off and go fishing….enjoy your life and friends don’t wish…..and I have been meaning to say that it would be interesting to hear about your Gran sometime if you wanted to post it.

  2. Really lovely “nightdreaming” This is my term for using imagery when I cannot sleep. Which is 6 times out of 7. If I am lucky.
    I adore your analogies and it was the title of your blog that caught my eye first thing. I was a Sweetpea to my father when I was young girl; and now my only granddaughter who is now 18, is my Sweetpea.
    Your blog will be added to my night tiime browsing through the tulips of other blogs. Searching fo new nightdreams. Thanks for the fishing trip!

  3. I love your term “nightdreaming”. I’m glad you like the term sweetpea, and I am supposed to be writing daily sweet peas but all this is fairly new to me and it really takes more time than I realized. I like your site also. The stuffing post oh how true how true!!!!!!!!! I’m looking forward to reading more on your site. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Thanks you so very much Terri foor choosing to add me to your following & your comment regarding my stuffing feelings post. You are so right in that this takes alot of time. I am a writer by nature, but when pressed to write on demand or with deadlines I always tend to choke.
    I am new to blogging too and the whole thing intimidated me so that I created my blog in 2008 but finally just this year have had the courage to put my random thoughts out there.
    As long as we have kind and thoughtful partners in this, reading and supporting one another it can be a wonderful thing. I am not needing thousands of readers, just a few devoted followers who are like minded enough to relate. Your blog is beautiful so you keep up the good work. It’s worth to readers like me.

  5. When you figure out how not to choke give me a tip. I go blank a lot when I sit down to write, but sometimes if I just write anyway it makes its way to the page. It may not be of value but it keeps the words flowing. I’m glad you decided to keep going because it is nice to have a “like minded” writer out there. You keep up the good work also, and I will be reading.


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