Tiny Goodness

       Focusing on the good things can be difficult, and daunting according to whatever struggles one faces.  Since life is life and we can’t change some things then it is inevitable that it is learned early to think on what is beautiful and what is good in life. It is not a way of escape, but a way to recognize that life is fragile, and the sweetness must be enjoyed even if it is in small amounts.  So, I take my daily sweet peas. Some tiny little goodness wrapped in life’s surprises that are waiting to be recognized.    ……..Terri O.A

       The above post was my very first  in July 2011.  Looking for what is good even if it seems insignificant has been important, and a learning experience that I realize will keep me learning until the sun doesn’t shine.  Good grief, that is a lot of writing.        ………Terri O.A.


2 thoughts on “Tiny Goodness

  1. Absolutely love the sweetpeas of life from you. (Nice image of a swan painting too!) You have such a grand attitude. I have used the Pollyanna style of accpting life sice I first saw the movie as a child. I was struck by the way Pollyanna used the “glad game” to find something good in every aspect of her life. I adopted her approach.

    Today when even the dark clouds turn the aky grey I am able to be “glad” that although it’s grey and gloomy it is not raining…


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