Butterfly Kiss!

Lantana flowers, Galilee, Israel

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English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.

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   Not long ago, and it seems like a short time only, because I can see it in my mind like a movie in color with sound, but it was years ago when my Dad was here making life seem invincible and we were nature watching.  My Dad loved flowers more than my Mother, and would plant them for her, care for them, buy botanical books, and discuss their beauty with her. For years this was part of their life together.  Not even a tiny wildflower was without his attention. He would point them out to me, and admire the beautiful and tiniest design. So when my Dad, Mother and I were standing in front of the porch studying and admiring the large over your head Lantana that was blooming, well it wasn’t unusual at all.  It was gorgeous, with two circles of colors, yellow in the center and pink on the outside. The ring of circles were really made up of, what looks like up close, miniature flowers. Butterflies adore these flowers. You can’t keep them away! So their official name in the country is, “The Butterfly Bush.”  That summer afternoon, warm and picnic like, we stood there enjoying the view until my Dad saw a spider web close to the porch eave cornered right above the Lantana. Immediately we realized that a butterfly had just caught itself in the web, and the spider was raising its spindly legs moving toward the just caught butterfly that was trying to beat its wings to freedom.  I picked up a stick, tore at the web, and thought I might have hurt the little creature in the process. I couldn’t believe that the butterfly broke free. It just wasn’t there long enough to permanently stick. Stepping right back in place beside my Dad we quietly watched the just freed butterfly flutter,  then it moved toward me, headed straight for my face and landed softly on my cheek before flying away!  For an instant, the kiss seemed like a thank you!  I looked at my Dad and he looked and me, and we laughed. Butterflies just don’t do this sort of thing. If you try to catch one, they have a way of just keeping out of your reach.  The poor thing was probably disoriented, and just ran into me then realizing that I wasn’t a flower decided to move on. We knew that was the true version, but deep down I would like to think that I got  a thank you kiss from a butterfly!     ……….Terri O.A. 

Flowers and leaves of Lantana camara

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2 thoughts on “Butterfly Kiss!

  1. What a beautifully touching story to share. Thank you. I have “Butterfly Bushes’ in my yard and living in a high desert this kind of bush attracts butterfly’s, hummingbirds, and of course bumble bees.

    I have an affinity for butterfly’s. Having gone to several Butterfly exhibits in Seattle Washington and the Museum of Science it was fascinating to e to learn that butterfly’s can be attracted to the moisture on our skin. Particularly on dry arid days. I did not get the blessing of the Butterfly kiss like you though.


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