What it is…@ 4:45 a.m.






Love from Grandma showing up in cotton and thread.



      Love is…_____________.      

      Happiness is…________________________.

      These were phrases that were a fun fill in the blank not too far back.

      After one marriage, two kids, two dogs, seven cats, (someone had to take care of the strays and their kittens. I happily obliged) and a family of raccoons that may or may not remember that I fed them strawberry marshmallows, I have learned a few things…from the animals of course. Have you ever seen a mamma raccoon hold  a marshmallow above her head, inspect the treat, twirl it around like it is fine wine in a glass, and then appreciatively consume that wonderment? Well, you haven’t lived; oh the thrill of country life. I admit this is not on the scale of reading War and Peace in a day, but it was fun.  Wisdom bore itself into my heart and mind from so many life moments.   I can fill in the blanks better now than I did then when I wrote ….Love is … like clouds floating by… or something silly like that. So, it is time to try to fill in the blanks again!

      Love is…. a tiny flame in the corner that lights one letter at a time until the whole meaning of the message is understood……with gratingly excruciating patience it manages to grow brighter.    

      Love is….able to be broken if it is neglected too long, or damaged by physical violence. For example,  I know I can’t hit my roses with a broom….there will be nothing left. Period!   

      Love is…. that pet laying on its master’s grave not wanting to leave. I know mine would stay there if they could. But then they might just be waiting for warm biscuits, and leftover eggs!

      Love is….guiding, and looks past the storm trying to find a brightness to sail into, and it finds a channel in swirling waters.     

       Love is…always there, given the proper watering and feeding of course, even though the object of attention may be unattractive, poor, depressed, confused, weak, or un-forgiving and scarred. Even though someone is gone from this world, love still loves that person as if they had never left. Even though one may be leaving present reality with an illness that takes the mind in small increments, love still loves that someone. Even though a connection is broken, love still loves.

       Love is…expressed in a quilt stitched just for me by loving hands that are never forgotten.

       Love is….clouds floating by….it is silly isn’t it?  But it is actually more philosophical than it seems if you think about it long enough. Feed the tiny flame!  Thanks for reading my post today.     Terri O.A.


5 thoughts on “What it is…@ 4:45 a.m.

  1. ahhh… deep sigh… that was just beautiful! So very calming and just what my frazzled mind needed. You write with such a tenderness that it calms the soul. Whether it’s about a cloud in the sky floating by (so not silly) or a remembered moment in time with your dad I always come always with a smile and my mind sparked with memories of my own..

    Love is finding a blog post than can un-ruffle a ruffled day. Thank you!

  2. That was so wonderful to hear. That was my goal. I love your words,”un-ruffle a ruffled day”. That is perfectly how it feels…stated beautifully! You make me want to continue writing thank you!

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