Bit of Fun

       This has to be the world’s most fun-to-have barbecue pit.  Thought some of you might enjoy this, and I have to say that with my new tablet I have made quite the mistakes on that great sensitive touch screen. So, if you have seen my mistakes on your side please disregard the Klutz.  There is nothing wrong with my brain it is just my fingers….Hmmmmmmmm!!       Terri



4 thoughts on “Bit of Fun

  1. Funny you should say that…not on that road but close to home at night….my daughter and I had a deer …..a Big Female…run in front of the car. I looked and there was disaster in hooves. i am telling you it was square in front of the car…….no time for your life to pass before your eyes. The deer flinched her back left leg up and barely missed the fender. Wow! Years ago I was walking and a male run across the road in front of me went to the other side of the road and then came back charging at me… the only thing to get behind was a mail box. Suddenly he decided to turn back and bounded off. I was scared to death. AND I loved the Bambi movie so much …. traitors.


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