Tromp Through the Woods

      It was fun to tromp through the woods,  and I hope you enjoy the results.   I didn’t intend to leave the date on the photos so just ignore.

Fungi Art



The result of coyotes hunting!



The deer love this creek.



This tree is too gorgeous for words!




Tree is barely hanging on it seems….no it has been like that for years! 



Time to go home. It is that or stay in the woods with the panthers and coyotes…home sounds good!


12 thoughts on “Tromp Through the Woods

  1. These are gorgeous! I loved the leaning trees. The close up of the roots reminded me of Lord of the Rings–some great Tree moments in that tale.

  2. Those leaning trees are like watching in slow motion. You know gravity is going to win and eventually the tree will be on its side. But for now, we get to see the struggle. Thank you for these great photographs.

  3. Thank you, I like your photos as well, and your gravatar. I just feel like I could walk into your wonderful photos. Different from my area. It is nice to see another landscape. I’ll be back for a visit!

  4. I laughed so hilariously that I had tears in my eyes at your comment. It was a GREAT comment it is just that you found the reality in this poor tree’s demise. A hurricane could end its life, but it has been giving gravity a difficult time for three decades that I know of. Now that I have spoken those words it will probably fall over tomorrow. I hope I am just not there when the struggle ends under those roots somewhere. I hope you aren’t offended that I found humor in your comment. It is fascinating how the same photo can garner different views. Thank you for the comment, and when gravity wins don’t you know the roots will just hang on and keep that leaner blooming while it lays across the creek. Maybe………..!?!

  5. Wow, I didn’t even think of that. Your right!! I think I will go back and photo that from the upper ground. Love the avatar!!!! Thanks for the comment!

  6. Thanks Kate, It is so beautiful isn’t it! It was so muddy that I couldn’t get farther down. Maybe with some boots! I will work on that award…to tell you the truth I am so small that finding fifteen links will take awhile. It takes time to look for quality or they already have an award. BUT I am on it!!!! I’m just little bitty out here Kate, and thanks for showing a friendly face!!


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