Soul Print

Soul Print 
I’m weaving  a soul print,
The loom shuttles my choice,
Leaving the colors of a,
Mind, soul and heart.
Delicately woven in and out with time,
It shows love was my way,
Forgiving, listening…believing,
Were the gifts that I gave.
I tried to choose colors,
That were of beauty and light,
To contrast with the darkness,
The patches of  saturated night.
Perhaps, the pattern will be,
Shining, and calm,
Stars on a clear midnight,
Inspiring art, music… song.
Maybe, in places,
It will be skewed but set,
Uneven, and jagged,
A design unkempt.
No matter what the pattern,
The laughing tears the strife,
My life is loomed into a warm blanket,
For my loved… on that singular road called life.  
                                             …..Terri O.A.
                                    The art at, top page, is Van Gogh.       

6 thoughts on “Soul Print

  1. Aww Terri great minds think alike! I have a sofa size lithograph of Starry Night in my dining room.How awesome.
    I loved your poem because it touched parts of my own soul. I really like your analogies which I relate to so well. Thanks my friend for sharing an incredibly inspiring post. I think I shall paint today.

  2. Big fan of Vincent’s–for many of the reasons your poetry encompasses! Lovely. I hope you’ve been to the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, or will get to it someday. Really spectacular, and I’ve seen things there that I never knew he did; it really broadened my sense of who he was and what he was doing as an artist in an extremely sophisticated way that was eons ahead of his time.

  3. That sounds amazing. I would love to read your impressions of what you saw. I only saw one small Van Goth. I was mesmerized. Where was reality Tv when it was needed??????!!!!!!? Perhaps he would have hated that! Thank you for your comment. It was good to hear from you.

  4. Thank you for the invite. I will try even though I have a huge amount of deadlines now. Your suggestions are always welcome. You are one of the reasons I keep writing!!


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