Six days of Finding






    Sunday: 2-19 :    Rain….. moving abstracts on puddles,  shimmering noise of falling drops, knowing that Spring is already getting ready to take Winter’s place…welcome.




   Monday: 2-20 :    On a walk I noticed the tiniest lavender flowers staring up at me. “Whatcha doin?”   What I am doing is walking because I love chocolate. Don’t worry flowers don’t talk to me often. Spring’s fingers are spreading out pushing Winter away.

Rain, Tree, no Crow (096/365)

Rain, Tree, no Crow (096/365) (Photo credit: Dr. RawheaD)

Tuesday: 2-21 :     I did see about 100 rain drops or so hanging from the pine needles near the gate.  All I could think of were diamonds in the pines. It made me remember  what I learned in childhood, “Until the daybreak and the shadows flee away….,” Song of Solomon.  Ill, not functional, and fumbling I accidentally mark someone as spam, but I’m not sure as due to blurry contacts.  What a mess!



Wednesday: 2-22       Watched the sunlight streaming across the road in fuzzy bars of light. Lovely! Feeling better.  Gaining a friend wakes up the soul sections one never knew existed; losing a friend brings silence to the sections that refuse to sleep.

Sharon is twelve, and brought flowers. It is refreshing to see childhood sweetness!


Thursday: 2-23:     It is so windy outside. This reminds me of going home….where I belong….and a song. Later in the morning, during a walk the  birds were chattering away in the trees.  It seems that I am  surrounded by a choir. They are moving to the sunshine just as I am. I hear the neighbor’s hens some distance away cackling.  Cackling sounds funny in chorus with all of the light musical chirping, and this reminded me of a country choir with a white-haired lady.  Ms. H. in fact.  She was  stocky, cheerful and every Sunday morning she wore her shiny faux pearls as she sat on the front choir row.   Loudly, she sang with joy, and her harmony could scare the skin off of a rhino. Such a spirited soul that felt the music, but her vocal chords could not follow her heart!   Everyone  treated her like a Queen…..anyway!  Love looks the other way!  Kindness a choice.

    Now human nature is natural whether it is a corporate boardroom, or a country church in the middle of Boondockville.  People get sad, mad, and petty no matter where they congregate. But in this situation there was kindness…love. I don’t think she ever knew that she couldn’t sing. Getting a greeting and a handshake from Ms. H. was never boring.  Her going away present to me was a faux pearl necklace in a used box. It is still cherished as I have every friend that I have made.  As far as I am concerned, my pearls are the real thing as they were given by such a genuine beauty, voice and all…Ms. H!

Haliaeetus vocifer English: An African Fish Ea...

Image via Wikipedia

Friday: 2-24:     Windy, chilly, and took a walk anyway!  I have been thinking lately of one gentleman who worked at a popular store chain. His job tedious due to boredom. His world small with conversations of where to find an item, and how are you today?  But inside his mind were questions that he wanted answered so he began to study. Working away at his job, while the questions were beginning to be answered, he ended up with a degree in political science, a Masters, and a PhD. But in that process of achieving, the answers about life had a chance at a new perspective.  Now, he is a respected professor, the students fight to get a seat in his class, and he is a teacher that cares….rare isn’t it?  Handsome, I am sure that he had been called that many times,  and riding bulls in the rodeo was just  fun for this athletic man.  I had to ask   myself  what kind of power, drive, intellect, heart and soul does it take to achieve one’s goals when your body was taken away at twenty-one?  Life changed his world, but he sculpted what he wanted his world to be with the options that were open. He jokes around with his students about his wheelchair, and they work to gain his respect.  He made a path.             Terri O.A.


Only the teacup image is mine. Thanks for reading!



12 thoughts on “Six days of Finding

  1. I wish I could claim the window shot, but the cup is all mine!! Love the geographical names of the places that you photograph…..WHAT PLACES! Thanks for the comment!


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