This is America

I  love old buildings. What a house right? Don’t feel sorry for them! After layers of  education, generation after generation, they own half the county….well a nice size portion.  America has picked itself up by the boot straps before!

When I saw this house all I could think of was, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”  This has been desolate for years, and right on commercial property. I guess the town built around this once storybook house!


Every time I pass this house I regret the shot I missed, one particular time, when a herd of cattle lay quietly in the front yard. Maybe, “when the cows come home”, I will have my camera again.  Only Ma and Pa bovine live there now!

This is America too!  Difficult and struggling!  Years ago, I saw an elderly man working a garden near this house. It’s abandoned now!

Just a bit of clean up needed! No problem! Must have been a tornado! Picturesque!  A good home for possum, Copperhead snakes, and other wild creatures  from the woods!  America is quite a wreck herself  it seems, but I believe she can make it!  She has done it before!

A little cheer in the next shot as you see below!  Like a Godiva chocolate after bitter coffee! I love America with all of its faults, and all of its beauty!   


18 thoughts on “This is America

  1. it,s a shame when you see building lay empty, in our countryside you see big stone farmhouses from generations ago just empty in great tranquil spots.

  2. I agree it is a terrible shame especially when they have such a lengthy history. Here in the South if they crumble down most just fall right back into the earth eventually. I have seen it happen. I hate to hear that such beauty is not taken care of….like a stone farmhouse.

  3. Thank you Debra! I’m not too insightful when talking about chocolate though! In fact, I am eating chocolate cookies right now! I am so glad you enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure if anyone would find it of interest the way that I did! Thanks for the comment!

  4. It is hard to surprise you I bet so I appreciate that comment! The first house belonged to the family of a lady that was a retired teacher, when I met her. She and her husband owned a lttle ceramics shop. She was probably late seventies, cute and pixie with sparkling brown eyes, and since I was newly married we talked about cooking mishaps. I told her about my boxing match in an attempt to make a good lemon pie, (mine tasted like the worst bitterness). She laughed so hard I think I added years to her life. We ended up being friends. She was wonderful. I always think about her when I make or eat lemon pie. Rabitt trail again!!! :)

  5. That is so true! Where you are….there is so much more beautiful decay than what we have here. Not that I want it to be that way. I would so like to fix it all myself if I could. Beauty of the old houses, castles, and churches should not go to waste. I hope there are less office days for you and more wonderful photo days!

  6. If I were going to build a house it would so have an arched doorway. Isn’t that just so beautiful! Someone told me the house is tied up in tax issues, and after taking a peek inside it really isn’t that bad. But the weather has probably taken a heavy toll on the house as a whole. Always enjoy your comments Laurie.

  7. I see buildings like these every day and I always wonder, what would it have taken to keep them alive? Probably just some regular maintenance. But I guess they reach a point where it’s too late, and no longer worth the effort or expense. Every one of them has a story, though, as you have expressed in this post. I admire your ability to see beauty and hope wherever you look. Don’t ever lose that.


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