My son brought flowers…I did something right!    


Thanks to a great kid!  I had been feeling ill as seen by my last post!   I’ll be better soon!!


29 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Awww…sons are a blessing! I have three, and they constantly amaze me. You did great! Hope you are feeling better :)

  2. What a sweet son to bring you those lovely flowers. Don’t you just love sons? Your son sounds so thoughtful and loving. Mine is that way, too. Warms my heart and my days.

  3. Thank you, Elisa I am feeling better. I know it has been crazy on your side with being Freshly Pressed. I hope you saw my message. I was like…Go Elisa…Go! It was exciting and I am way over here. :) :)

  4. Thank you Roberta! He really is a sweet kid. I hope you show more pics of the kitten. He is really cute. Moving is not a lot of fun, and I hope when you get all the boxes unpacked you and your family will just have so much joy from your new home. Terri

  5. Thank you..Terri! I have some more of the kitten. She is a bundle of fun and energy..It will be a while before boxes will be unpacked. Slowly but surely..

  6. Thanks for taking the time to stop by Roberta. Looking forward to more kitten pics. I always have had a soft spot for little creatures!!


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