Spring Again!

Spring's new Bud!

Enjoying the sunshine!

Lovely! Thanks for being nosy Sprite!

Best Dressed!

Every rose must know some rain to grow!


                                          Eventually the light triumphs! 


Poignant and still so beautiful to me!

                                                  What’s this?    Spring again!


19 thoughts on “Spring Again!

  1. I love your sweet evolution of the spring rose. It looks like it was a fun process for a very beautiful end result.



  2. Gorgeous series from bud to wilt. I especially like the photo of the back of the rose, great aspect, and the rain droplets, amazing texture. Are these your roses? May I covet your garden and flower beds.I’d love a rose garden. Roses are something that is difficult to grow here because of the sshort seasons, and cool night time temps. It can be 105 degrees in the summer and as soon as the sun goes down the temp will fall to the high 30’s to mid 40’s. Rarely do we have balmy warm nights..

  3. My Dad planted that rose bush for me. I wrote a post about it on his birthday, but it was so emotional I just deleted it. But there were some good aspects to it, and maybe I need to rewrite it without the tears!! Covet anytime…the roses! Wow I wish you could grow some roses. So much breeding has been done for conforming types maybe there is something…???

  4. Beautiful, Terri! Roses are so elegant, aren’t they? My mom has quite the touch with roses and always says there’s nothing like the first spring blooms! I agree. Great photos! Debra

  5. Those tears were just rain drops indeed. What was I thinking? :) My Dad loved to garden. He was happy with that straw hat, digging in the dirt, and a fire going to burn the limbs and such. Such a simple thing to give someone a plant that gives such beauty. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Your right they are so elegant and just amazingly beautiful. And that first rush of Spring blooms….never fails to make me smile. Nice to hear about your Mom’s way with roses. I hope you get to enjoy them!!

  7. Because I did not want to leave another of my ramblings on Michael’s blog and because I am concerned about you & your mom I am sticking MY nose in. (By the way you are never ever too nosey for my liling)

    You mentioned a crisis and I cannot help but at least let you know that whatever it is I am holding you both up in prayer’s. Some people come into our life for a reason, some for a season. You my friend whether you like it or not have come into mine for both.
    Let me know, yes? Even if you’d like it to be email because it’s more private than you’re willing to share here. I get it and would rather that than you not feel like you can share Is that being too pushy? LOL>>

  8. No it is fine. Millions of people deal with taking care of a parent or both. She was afraid of something that was harmless.The crisis are sharp but short at times. That was a short one and solveable. It is alright now! She can’t drive but wants too. So it is a tug of war at times for such a smart and beautiful woman, my Mom. Thank you for being thoughtful. I have done this for a long time, and I am seasoned to some degree. Thoughts and prayers to you also.

  9. I’m still getting used to the idea of having roses in full bloom this early in the year. Ah, my Northern upbringing! No complaints when I see beauties like this, though! Roses to you and yours, my lovely!

  10. Thank you! I think this rose was meant for colder climates…at least that is what the tag said…so it acts a little crazy at times and blooms slightly in December! :)


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