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   Have you heard of a blog called nieniedialogues?   It is an inspirational site about the life of a beautiful young mother who was severely burned in a plane crash.  I have been following her blog for about a year. She is amazing, and her book, Heaven is Here, will be available in April.  With four kids and one to arrive shortly, Nie has really had a difficult time especially with the pregnancy complicating the painful scar tissue.   Her injuries have required many surgeries, and there are more scheduled. Her little boy told her that her scars looked like they were, “going away.”  That is the way it is when you love someone, or should be.  Loving someone creates a soul-sight that looks  farther than the physical appearance.

    I have always tried to teach my kids that a person shouldn’t be judged for what you see on the outside, but not to be liberal with your trust either.  We say all kinds of things to our kids, right, trying to make it all sink in somewhere in their minds and hearts, but do they really listen?  Maybe somewhat!  So, it was thrilling when my daughter befriended someone at school, tried to ease the terrible shyness, and made sure that the prom was not missed by that person.  The effort that she took to improve that person’s life was extensive, and wonderful to see! 

   When you love someone, the outer appearance becomes just a part of all the pieces. For instance, could you accept the mind and heart of someone who has committed terrible acts against the human race, but who had the most beautiful or handsome face that has ever breathed perfection? I know you couldn’t, and neither could I. Beauty isn’t enough for happiness.  I’m sure my fellow bloggers know all of these things already!!!  It feels good though to say so at least ever so often, because it is crazy out there. But those that love tenderly soften the harshness of life by practicing the basic aspects of human kindness. A simple courtesy would be an improvement in our ever crass growing world don’t you agree?   The basics like hello, thank you, and how are you should be the norm as well as acknowledging that our skin wrapping holds a soul  that wants friendship, forgiveness, and care like most people in the world. Of course, there are those who do not have a heart such as the ones who have harassed Nie for her appearance. Unbelievable!

     I’ll  never forget the woman I saw as I was walking up to the grocery store. She was carrying a bag of food, and she handed it to the man sitting on the bench. She said, “Here are the groceries you ordered, Sir,” with such dignity that it sounded as if she were saying, “And thank you mayor for your years of service.”  Of course, he hadn’t ordered groceries at all. He looked at her with the most beautiful blue eyes, and smiled slightly as he took the food.  It seemed that perhaps someone took care of him, and maybe that person could not any longer. He seemed childlike. Why was he there? Maybe he had destroyed his own life with terrible decisions? Maybe someone he trusted took what belonged to him? Maybe there was a disability that could not be seen? None of that mattered for just that singular moment when kindness gave.  My soap box is getting wobbly so I better get down!

     Well, I hope you check out Nie’s site, and let me know what you think!  It will be inspirational!


16 thoughts on “Nie’s Blog!

  1. I like your soap box! I am going to check out Nie’s blog and I’m sure it has to be very inspirational. I will not forget the term you used, “soul-sight.” That is just a wonderful way to relate to others. Thank you, Terri. Now off to Nie’s blog! Debra

  2. Thanks tbn, I bought a very old educational book for kids the other day called the wonderful egg. I didn’t know that chicks circle the middle of the eggshell and peck all the way around to get out. Hey I learned something. It doesn’t take much to fascinate me does it!! :) thanks for stopping by

  3. What a marvelous gesture of compassion from the lady with the groceries. And I will certainly check out Nie’s blog. Thank you once again for your warmhearted posts.

  4. Hi, Terri, I just checked out Nie’s blog. Stephanie is announcing the wonderful birth of her baby daughter Charlotte (Lottie). She’s so very happy and her husband and all her chidren are so happy with her. Wonderful photos of the newborn one with all the family.
    It’s a great post. And so is your writing. I like it very much. Thank you for including the link to Nie’s site.


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