Bright Things




sunrise (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


Bright things:

treasures like kids: muddy or not,

campfire with music: bad or good,

sunrise and sunset: imbedded colors,

sunshine on water: skipping

747 breaking the blue,

dawn after rain,

a storm that died down,

budding spring,

passion for learning,

a world of one with music,

a gift from a mistake,

a maze completed,

dreaming and doing,

hope rekindled,

a surprise,

suddenly some joy,

needing nothing but life’s basics,

a rare book falling apart,

faith when there is silence,

handmade quilt stitched w/ love,

taking a walk with a couple of dogs,

who are more comical than fierce,

laughing until you cry at,

an old movie, a stupid movie,

such as the abominable snowman,

buttered popcorn, and salt,

dancing in the kitchen,

when no one is looking,

 windows glowing at night,

coloring with kids when it is rainy,

staring at a body of water,

until all the beauty soaks in,

watching in amazement always, 

 at a star filled night,

leaning on someone who is trustworthy,

the only light: flames from a fireplace,

lively shadows and scary stories,

cookies, and sharing those,

comfy spot to sit with a thriller book,

not worrying about time,

because friends make it stand still.




muggy sunset 2

muggy sunset 2 (Photo credit: paul+photos=moody)





18 thoughts on “Bright Things

  1. Each one of your thoughts spoke to my own heart in ways I thought no one else could possibly know. I’m glad it’s you who speaks alike triths with me, someone I’d trust with my life. How do I know? Because any daughter that your daddy raised is some one I’d trust even my grand babies with. Not to mention Truman who already want to go to Terri’s and play.

    I heart you girl!

  2. Terri, I carefully read and smiled and related to every one of your beautiful thoughts. Each and every one is what makes life worth living…..

    Dancing in the kitchen is an “I can’t contain myself” happy moment. I love this!!


  3. So beautifully written. You really need to turn this into a book. You have so much talent and your words are instant pictures that play in my mind. I love this!!

  4. I’m so glad. Truly I meant it. There is a children’s book called The Cozy Book. I have read it to my kids many times. The pages are filled with beautiful illustrations and the writing is so much like what you had done. Just snippets of ideas that created cozy images in your mind as you read it. You really do have a lot of talent and I’m excited to see where it will take you. :)

  5. What gratitude! I love each one…but I particularly lingered over “a gift from a mistake.” That is a bit of an “OH!” when I read it. Each one is so meaningful, and causes me to think about the abundance of gifts that are within reach. Debra


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