Some Fun on Friday!

    People out there, around the world, when  a person lives in the deep south there is no tellin’ what they might see!  This chicken makes an unforgettable entry to a drive. Would you agree?  Now really, how easy are the directions to this place. It is the house with the BIG chicken out front. I LOVE it! 

    This family has to be fun!  Speaking of which, have a great fun weekend everybody, and thanks for all the talent I was lucky enough to read this past week!



                       “Harold, we’re lost again; all you had to do was find that big chicken.”


24 thoughts on “Some Fun on Friday!

  1. There was a giant dinosaur statue by my parents old house, ha and this reminds me of it. Never understood how or why it got there. Great pic!

  2. I would just love to be able to have family pictures taken around this big cluck! Fabulous–and lots of fun. I enjoy your posts, too…we all have a lot of fun, don’t we? Enjoy your weekend. Somehow I think you will! Debra

  3. I’m giggling thinking of D and I driving, me giving him directions, “turn right at the Big Chick” I can just hear his come backs, and I mean come backs.

    I think people in the south have something on us the west, they have the awesome ability to laugh at themselves and wach other. I love that trait!

  4. That is a great question!! I don’t see anything but a big open field and trees, but they might own a farm down the highway. I’ll ask around and find out! You got me curious!!! :) :)

  5. With a chicken like that as a guide none of us would have an excuse to pass the drive. Thanks so much for the comment. I always enjoy hearing from you! :) :)


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