silence of a falling leaf,

quietness of anger turned,

pop of the cookie sheet,

cold day, warming oven,

trembling voice violin,

concert in harmony,

a bell that says it’s time,

a voice that sings hello,

a whistle tune of childhood,

all  voices in a choir,

 moving musical thread,

dawn  the singing bird,

stirring  songs,

until from the trees,

 warblers from their thrones sing,

shimmering wind interlacing leaves,

the sun sings too,

cicada’s clicking throttle,

the fall of a tree,

crashing timber timbre,

cymbal sharp,


mountains walking,

I hear thunder,

blurring purr of light rain,





16 thoughts on “Sounds

  1. Just be careful. I don’t want to burst a bubble but do believe you have been spammed. I have received a dozen or more of these in my askismet filter, I checked one out and they are asking for money for you to write. So not cool.

  2. Now onto good things…. You are sooooo good my friend. I can feel your unrest with the days song, and can hear your words of wonderment while looking for ways to cope. music, baking, bird watching, singing and even writing are outlets for all that is going on.

    KEEP SHARING GIRLFRIEND, I need to know you’re beside us all in the day’s turn abouts for something worth while.

  3. Isn’t this wonderfully comforting…so many things to delight in! I love “the popping of a cookie sheet.” Unexpected–talk about being tuned in! I will be thinking about pleasant and joyful sounds today while I babysit my “noisy” granddaughters, Teri:-) Debra


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