Not a thing


   This weekend I am not going to do anything important. I am going to listen to music and pretend I can’t hear what anyone is saying to me…just like my kids. I will let them wash the dishes, feed the dogs, and take care of other things that it seems only I can do. I will walk with the dogs, and if it is raining…well that will be even better. I may paint a picture and not care if I finish, or care to  analyze why it looks the way that it does. In fact, I am not going to analyze one single thing. I will not philosophize about yesterday or tomorrow. I will not count my blessings. I will accept them just as they are in a bundle tied with prayers. Down where the pine trees grow like sand, I will find the tree that fell over the creek and has laid down like a bridge. I just might take some photos, but I will only photograph what I really care about and nothing more. I’m going to sing too, and play the piano. Joy will be my only goal. I will not cook a single item. They can all cook now. I will open up a book of poetry for children because there are no sad poems written there. Perhaps, Charles Dickens or Laura Ingalls will be read by my hungry soul. And if everyone leaves the house maybe I will listen to the Hallelujah Chorus, or some out of the way blues song that actually makes a person feel good. I will listen at full volume with the windows open. I will run all the way to freedom and back for one day, and when it is done I will step outside to open my gift. The stars! I will circle until I have seen every star that is visible. When I find a very bright one, I am going to stare at that star until I see it twinkle. I am going to be thankful for such beauty. I will pet the dogs and say sweet things to them that they do not understand, but they eagerly listen with all their heart. And at the end of tomorrow, I will lay down on a clean white pillowcase, and be thankful that like that pine tree in the woods I have been a bridge.


22 thoughts on “Not a thing

  1. I envy your strength to be able to do this for yourself. We should all follow your lead.

  2. That is a good point. I never thought of it that way. I don’t know about everyone else, but maybe the struggle makes me better. I had a friend that owned an emu farm. As soon as she helped the chicks out of their shell it was over…she lost her farm due to the weakness of the chicks. I guess life has a lot of “you have to get out of the shell yourself moments” as you know (you look very wise) and of course with me I just seem to get right back in that shell! I hope my humor was to be found somewhere in what I just said, :) :) :) :) Downhill feels like uphill a lot of the time so right you are..:)

  3. Great, Terri. Once the words are said you can follow the intention! You obviously yearn for a little “me time”–and I’m sure you can carve out at least a portion of your weekend to do just what you want to do. I sure hope you make it happen! We all need to take care of ourselves, and with you well-spoken plan, you’ll feel refreshed on Monday if you follow-through :-) Debra

  4. Thanks Debra, I spoke a little too soon….”best laid plans of mice and men” …someone is sick and required more help so I will try to carve out something like you said…a little is better than nothing. :)

  5. I have been passed a torch. A 7 x 7 award that is really just a writing game. It allows the writer tto share more about who they are, what they do, what they think and like, etc…
    It’s not too hard, most of the work you have done. I know your life gets crazy, but if you have a few, would love to see your response to this.

    Have the most fabulous Sunday friend, close the dooor, lock the kids on the other side, baths are perfect get aways. I always put up a Do Not Disturb sign and our girls finally learned to respect it. Funny thing is that is both of them get aways like this now.

  6. Thank you Baroness, I managed a few hours, but I had to take care of someone’s sickness. It is much better so maybe tomorrow there will be more time to add. It takes two days to get one day! Thanks for the invite. I appreciate it! Terri


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