Obscured Dreamer



    It is a great name for a blog. My first thought was, “why is the dreamer obscured?”  The dreamer was kind enough to pass the Readership Award along my way. It was thoughtful, and I appreciate it very much. Since I have great qualms ALWAYS  before I push the Publish button, it is good to know that anyone could possibly think of my simple words as reader worthy. Thank you!  But now more about the…


Paraphrasing the Dreamer: Don’t expect the normal; that is “gone with the wind.”

 When I first saw her blog, the images had me before I even read a word.

  I knew she was a kindred soul that loved words and the riddle of putting words together. Her posts are varied and interesting!  Love the poetry!  

   Her recent post is about weird laws! I had never heard of most of them, and I couldn’t stop reading!

  One such law: one can’t at any time keep an ice cream cone in the back pocket.   Wouldn’t you like to know who was responsible for this law!  Thank you Obscured Dreamer for the smiles. 





7 thoughts on “Obscured Dreamer

  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful praises. I’m not quite sure I deserve so much attention. I’m happy to know in the vast world of blogging that kindred spirits can be found. :D The likes of which, I have found in your blog, comments and readership.

  2. Terri I just wanted to congratulate you on this award and to thank you so much for passing it on to me. It is WP friends like you who help keep me going sometimes…
    With deep gratitude and humbleness,

  3. Congrats Terri! You are more sederving than you’ll ever trust. I know. But maybe if we keep saying so……????

    Thanks for the gift of the new blogger for me. I will add this to my” next in line to read” I think your reccomendations have great merit in my mind, thanks again.


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