I took a walk near dusky dark

I took a walk,
near dusky dark,
to meet…joy,
I heard it in the song,
of the birds, as night,
hushed their voice,
the jasmine perfume,
jangled in the air,
so heavenly,
the crickets added, 
humming noises,
steadily singing,
lyrical laughing,
across the road,
in descending dark,
looking up I saw,
tree vines framing,
like a Monet,
the periwinkle blue,
sky… waiting for its stars,
I saw a firefly,
ignite four times,
floating a small path,
I laughed,
happiness is believing,
joy can be met,
it is a choice.

Monet-seine-rouen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


20 thoughts on “I took a walk near dusky dark

  1. Your poem says it prfectly Terri, Happiness is a choice. I was taken to a place in my mind through your words that is very much like the image you set before us.
    Retreating to such wonders is a must and to have the prompt given to take me there done so peotically and with such grace is a gift. Thank you friend. I needed that pause.


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