Mom, thank you,

You dried my socks in the oven, only once, kept my school work, and my childish picture lives in your purse. My creative spirit was as foreign to you …well I might as well have been from Neptune, but you let me know that you were walking beside me. When you decided to care for four other kids beside the two toddlers of your own, suddenly the house had a lot less room, and I did not hear complaining. There were a lot of craters in the road then, but you gave. Under 25 years old, and a house full of kids, but you were efficient with little.   Mom, you said, “Let’s take them home,” when those almost teenagers needed you and Dad.  I only heard laughter and encouraging words in that house. There were reasons why it should have been the opposite, but faith and love ruled! Your chocolate pies could bring world peace. Thank you for teaching me to love and respect the library.  You told me that my puppy went to heaven when I flung myself on the bed and cried out my broken heart. And I SO thank you for intercepting the note to my Sunday School friend that asked him if he would marry me. Remember, I was only seven. There was almost always a home-made meal even while you and Dad were working all the time at your business.  You were the manager, and 99% of the time all business: rules ruled.  Even by high school, perfect and the word Mom just went together in my mind. Thank you Mom, you taught me by example the definition of an unselfish soul. There really aren’t enough words for all the good that you have done.  Now I say to you, “I am your home.”  Sometimes in traffic, when it is quiet, you ask, “Who is this?’ while you hold the purse picture. “Some silly girl,” I say. And then you smile at my picture, and kiss the air as if those kisses could float to my twelve-year-old face. “No it’s you, Terri,” and then I hear small laughter. It IS me…Mom, and I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.


22 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Terri is that your Mom’s gorgeous and lovely is she
    Oh this is just wonderful..we are so blessed to have such loving caring moms…guiding us,inspiring and teaching us in their own special ways what really is Love :)
    Wish you a beautiful Mothers day :)

  2. The words you write to your mom are a perfect tribute to her not just in your words, but in the emotions behind them. You are an honor to everything you mom means to youm everything she instilled in you. The kid in you she raied to be the amazing woman I’ve come to know through blogging.

    Happy Mother’s Day Terri!

  3. Your Mom is stunning in that picture. It seems to capture the whimsy an joy in her eyes. She certainly sounds like an amazing woman. You and those other children were truly blessed to have her.

  4. I can only comment to what’s befoore me Terri. When its written so perfectly and tenderly it’s not difficult to find words of my own to express my delight. I’m grateful you share. You’re really good my friend and I hope that you publish these in an actual print book one day.


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