The Kid

  After watching the news this morning, I thought how wonderful it is to have today. It is so beautiful outside, and the miracle of now is here. Some of the news was tragic, and it made me think about  the glory of these 18 waking hours or so that are meant to be lived well no matter what the parameters of life might be. Which reminded me that a day can surprise you.  Since the houses are far apart out here in the country, sometimes we can only hear the neighbors faintly. But for several years through the pine grove, we heard a screaming kid yelling as if  no one could hear him past his  fence line. You could tell that he just enjoyed the living daylights out of screaming like he was hurt.  But when I drove by I could never see him. He probably felt like he was the only one in the world walking the pasture, playing, and doing chores. Finally, even though he was a little younger he became a family friend. At first, he transferred his wild antics to the yard, but time calmed him down. Someone was actually paying attention to this kid now. The dramatic voices he can produce are amazing, and he brought something special from across the way since last summer…laughter. He makes me laugh. “Kid do you like chocolate chip cookies?” I said planning to keep the comedian here as long as possible. “No ma’am, I don’t like chocolate that much,” he said. Rats, I had to move to plan B.  As it turned out he loved iced tea, and for some reason he thinks my tea is the best in the world so out came the pot and tea pitcher. Keep the tea  in the pantry; we found laughter out here in the wilderness.  So, he and my son are good friends now. A lot of tea has been made, and last night was no exception. I heard a complaint about being tired of Dr. Pepper.  Hint…tea it is then! What animation, this kid should be  an actor!  He was so happy! So happy that he forgot himself.  “I hope you don’t die. I sure like that tea,” said the less wild creature that we now call a friend. He realized his mistake, and mumbled something. I laughed until…well I am still laughing. Instead of a paper route, he has an egg route. A four-wheeler, some chickens, willingness to work, and the kid has a tiny thriving business. They have another friend in the mix now. Last night, they four-wheeled themselves down the back dusty roads to the local hamburger joint by the highway. It seems like everything here is nestled up against the forest of pines. I watched them drive off, and I thought how they would look back, and remember these simple days as great days.  And every day is precious no matter what stage of life.  I’ll keep the tea pitcher full. Laughter and friends are always good to have around. Who wants to live without them? Don’t worry kid. I plan on being around awhile.


14 thoughts on “The Kid

  1. Never sure if it is ever good to watch the news these days…..even when there isn’t a major occurence it never seems to be very good for the sole! I am glad your tea pitcher is always full, even half full is better than half empty. Best wishes

  2. You have no idea how important you will be to that young lad. Opening your heart and home to him may be what will make all the difference in his life.

  3. Don’t ever stop making that tea! :D Tea is a hallmark of family dinners and suppers here in the south. What we would have ever done without it I just don’t know.

    What a lovely/precocious little friend your family has made. Sounds like he quite enjoys more than the tea!

  4. Happy late Mothers Day Tea Whisperet!
    Do you know Terri that it very well be that you are showing this young man the love he’s nevre had from his own home across the pine grove? I am reminded of the children who never know the love of their own but find a nurturing soul in a kind neighbor.

    What a blessing you are..

    I have raised our two girls, 3 foster girls. and a few doszen of other kids over flavored lemonade, I’m need to say Thank you because I know how vital someone like you can be in another kid’s life. Sometimes we as mom’s concern ourselves only with our own, but Hillary Clinton was right when she stated it takes a village…..
    You my dear and wonderful friend have created a village ~

    Thank you!

  5. Thanks for your comment Barefoot Baroness…I love that kid…I think he is loved at home…he just wanted someone else to pay attention to him besides them…:) :) :) Honestly I thought it was a wild animal at first all that noise!! :)

  6. I never watch the news; I don’t like to invite sadness and suffering into my life. I know the world can be a terrible place, and gawking at it on TV makes me uncomfortable.

    What you’ve written here is utterly beautiful; you have a gift, and you sound like a wonderful mother.


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