Memorial Day 2012-Remembering the very best.


6 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Oh terri I love this photo! Is it yours? Would you mind if I printed it out for a frame for my wall of passions in my art room? Its a wall where I have posted items, photos, images etcc of al things that create great passion within me. This flag on an obvious country gate so speaks to me. Is this your gate too? How really beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing. My world is always brighter when I see you in it. ~ I hope things are well with you and with your mom.

  2. It is a friends gate, and they are the sweetest people in the world. Print it out and enjoy it all you want…I took one photo and the next day I noticed the sunlight shining through and it just seemed to speak to me. I am glad that you felt a connection with it…my Mom is doing ok. Thanks so much for asking! :)


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