Have a Beautiful Week Everyone

                                 Thank you everyone for sharing all of your words, and photos!

                           Have a beautiful week!

                                   Happy is the man that finds wisdom…all her paths are peace.    Proverbs


16 thoughts on “Have a Beautiful Week Everyone

  1. The tree is one that I am just so smitten with! I have this affinity for trees and their roots, but this one has so many stories to tell.

    Thank you Beautiful friend for always lifting me up!

  2. Trees drive me crazy. One of my first decent watercolors is a tree. I found it in a field. How it happened…well maybe a farmer planned it. It looked as if three trees were tied together and branched out after fifty years into three seperate monster trees with one base. Each equal to the other in size. Gorgeous! I need to scan that for you!


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