It makes no sense what happened in Aurora Co.  No matter how many questions we ask there will never be enough answers to satisfy the, “Why?   An evil heart perpetuated an evil act.  There is not an iota of philosophy to wrap around such heartbreak, and give it comfort… just yet. It is a cavern of sorrow for our fellow Americans. I know they will have better days that are only far away for now.  It makes me remember that the only things we hold that truly deserve the label precious are the ones we love. After all, things don’t hug back.


19 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Darkened hearts and minds..and those that slip through the cracks and no one realizes that there are mental issues..Very nice tribute!

  2. The heavy dew on the rose so makes me think of the tears our country will be shedding this weekend. How indeed, and why indeed can something like this happen again here? In our country? We’re supposed to be the great USA, and yet we cannot get guns off the street and out of hands that have no business having them.
    I heard today that all the guns were bought legally. Why?

    It’s heartbreaking again as a country that we are burying more victims from shooting sprees.
    Indeed why?

  3. It truly has been a very sad day. I know that each of us has had an opportunity today to think about what is really important in our lives. And to pray for hundreds of grieving friends and family members! Your thoughts are so right on! Debra

  4. Thanks you Debra for reading. I am glad you are out there….enjoy reading your posts also! Hopefully the next one will be about something wonderful….

  5. Yes, I think you are right. It just spurs on more crime. No wonder some of us photograph beauty, and try to write about what is good in this world. The best to you and your family.

  6. I will complete agree with you on “people who truly deserve the label precious are the ones we love”. Well said. What happened was terrifying. And yes, we can never get answer to this question”Why?”.

  7. More beautiful tributes much lengthier have been written about the why of it all for sure. I could have said more but the words came out so short.


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