Have a nice weekend!

                                   Entirely beautiful isn’t it?  In another life perhaps I’ll be a sculptor….


                                    …. or perhaps a wild mustang running free.  Sounds good to me.

                                   I had to rely on old photos for this post as my old camera bit the dust.  Working on learning the new one. It

                                   has been in the box since more than a week, and soon I will take new pics and be back on the road again. On

                                   page three of the handbook so far. At this rate, I will be just in time for Christmas. This is what happens when

                                   one reads at night, and falls asleep with a handbook on face. Have a nice weekend everyone!


13 thoughts on “Have a nice weekend!

  1. Amazingly beautiful! I have a new camera, too, and for the same reason. My former one just died! But I’m taking a class at the camera shop on Sunday–one class free with purchase. These cameras are more sophisticated than I am. I need help! I hope you have a good weekend, too, Terri! D


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