How to Cook Eggs

Turn on the kitchen light, TV, and burner.

Notice dirty dish pile up; kid’s talent: using every dish in the house late at night.

Start the coffee. Caramel only.

Open fridge.

Locate the egg carton, hold, determine weight. Two eggs left? Yes!

Prepare pan, warm, wait for THE sizzle.

Look at the news. Listen to the craziness. REFUSE  to rant at the screen.

Re-focus on the pan.

Sizzle. It’s ready.  Crack the “incredible edibles”, place gently, salt and pepper.

Pour coffee: favorite cup, lighthouse against blue sky, stars.

Notice the crisped edges of the eggs. Glorious butter!

Toast bread; the aroma of home.

Saucer, toast, eggs on toast, fork.  Generously re-pepper!

Calculate the nutritional value or lack of for every bite sized portion.

NO!! Not today!

Take a bite!

Smile! Thank God for cows, chickens, and wheat farmers.

Turn off all media.

Take a walk, OVER-EASY, enjoy the day! Repeat in the morning.

Make the kids clean their own mess!

Laugh about it!